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This page serves as "family photo" central.  You can access all our photo galleries and slideshows via links below and to the bottom right.  Scroll down for individual family galleries.

"new school" galleries

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"old school" galleries

gallery 6 - john's guide to historical far rockaway image
gallery 7 - rockaway beach reunion image
gallery 8 - maryann's rock beach reunion show image
gallery 9 - St. Pat's NYC 2009 Tipp Marchers image

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1990 picnic photo archive



Pat Phelan's Ellis Island Record

 The Phelan Family Tree

family galleries

William Francis Xavier Phelan Catherine Agnes ("Sis") Phelan Barden
James Joseph Phelan Patrick Canisius ("Corky") Phelan
Thomas Leo Phelan Edward Phelan
Anna Phelan Costa Mary Ann Phelan Bradley O'Connor
Joseph Gerard ("Jerry") Phelan  
Catherine ("Kitty") Treacy Kelly Grace Treacy McDevitt

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