2007 tee-shirt contest

Ok, here's how it works...

As everybody knows, we now picnic together on the last Saturday in July. The Committee has faithfully honored our original tradition of designing tee-shirts for each Phelan family reunion.

All family members, including spouses and in-laws, are eligible to submit a design. The design MUST be original artwork, and submitted in digital format accessible to both the Committee and our printer.

Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2007.

Click here to submit a design for this year's contest.

All eligible design submissions will be posted to a new page on our site.

Our virtual "polling booth" will open shortly thereafter and remain open until June 30, 2007. Votes shall be tabulated by email...via a special link posted expressly for that purpose. Votes may also be recorded via third-party means for those without email access, but will be subject to verification.

Good luck...and get going!

view tee-shirts of the past image
view 2007 tee-shirt design candidates
view 2007 vote tally image

jack & pete model tee-shirts of yesteryear!